Canadian podcast listenership continues to grow, says survey in its second year

It’s been another good year for the podcast industry in Canada. Listening and awareness are both up in 2018, with the biggest gains coming from an increase in weekly listening. More Canadians are listening, and more often.

This is the second year of The Canadian Podcast Listener study, co-published by Audience Insights Inc and Ulster Media, supported by The Podcast Exchange (TPX). Complete results won’t be available until the fall (lots of numbers to crunch!), but we’re able to offer some sneak peeks in the lead-up to the release.

Awareness and listening are both up in 2018. The biggest jump was seen in listeners making podcasting a weekly habit.

This year, the study will be able to report on year-over-year changes in a variety of different areas, including time spent listening, demographics, advertising, listening on smart speakers and other devices, and much more. We’re also taking a deep dive into French-language podcast listening, and we’ve adopted a new methodology to help us understand more about the podcasts and genres that Canadians are listening to, including what they identify as their favourite podcasts.

Like last year, we’ll be releasing a summary report in the fall which will present a high-level overview of some of the areas described above. It will be available on the Canadian Podcast Listener website, alongside last year’s reports. We’ll also share some more previews of the data in the weeks leading up to the release.

The full, in-depth report is only available by subscription this year - feel free to contact us if you’d like to know more.



On October 10th, we’ll be presenting highlights from the in-depth study at the inaugural RAIN SUMMIT CANADA conference in Toronto. For more information about the conference, which will include panels, presentation and commentary on podcasting and digital audio, please see the RAIN website: