Digital strategy matters. Ulster Media can help.

Content Development

Do you have a clear focus for your content offer? What differentiates your content from your competitors? What are you doing to ensure you're responding to the needs of your audience? Is there a demand for web or video content to complement your audio?

Revenue vs. Cost

How efficiently do you produce content? Are you maximizing the value of the content you create? Is your current strategy working for your audience? Have you explored different models for monetizing your digital audio?

Optimization & Distribution

Are you using best practices around metadata for your content, and the best tools for publishing? Are you leveraging the most effective digital platforms to distribute your content? Have you explored streaming audio or other services in addition to podcasts? Are you packaging your content in a way that's working for your listeners and bringing new audiences onboard?

Other key considerations:


  • Branding - is your logo, artwork, etc. helping build your brand?
  • Metrics - are you capturing all the ways your audience engages with your content? Are you analyzing them effectively?
  • Marketing - Gone are the days of people just "finding" a good podcast. You need to invest resources to create awareness and buzz. And you need an effective social media strategy.
  • Rights - Do you know what third-party material you have the rights to use in your podcast? 

So many factors contribute to making great content that builds loyal listeners and attracts new audiences. Ulster Media can help you develop sustainable strategies for success.