How we work:

At Ulster Media, we know that projects come in all shapes and sizes. 

An introductory, no-cost conversation is the best way to start things off. You tell us all about what you're hoping to achieve with your podcast production, and we'll walk you through the types of services we offer. We can then follow up with an estimate based on your needs and/or your budget constraints.

Some clients come to us with a concept, others with a well-defined plan. 

Clients often say the discussion helps them focus their strategy and seek answers to some important questions in advance that will help position them for greater success, even if we don't wind up working together.

What services do you offer?

With a roster of skilled and experienced team members, we can provide a full range of production and development services - from content development, to story producing, editing, writing, chase producing and sound design. We also offer consulting on strategy to help you reach your target audience, grow your base and monetize your content.